You've already done the training course.

Albeit some time ago.

So you get the basics. But there's a major announcement coming up. And it's going to attract media attention. It would be good to practise with a professional again. Just to sharpen up. An hour? Maybe two. Haven't got all day. So fix an appointment with TheCommsDoctor (dot com). Via Zoom, Microsoft Meeting, Blue Jeans, Skype or Facetime.. whatever works for you.

Martin Stanford is an experienced radio and TV presenter, nowadays on air each weekday morning for LBC News, with years of broadcasting for BBC TV and Sky News behind him. He has been interviewing people for over forty years. Business people, politicians, lobbyists, academics, specialists - mostly live and without the safety net of post-production editing.

He's listened and made notes. Now, his expertise can help you.


So put on the mic and let's go!

After all, it's only a TV interview - what could possibily go wrong?

"Before you open your mouth put your brain into gear". A truism. A great maxim. But all too easily forgotten in the hurly burly of the day. Interview prep? "Yeah, I'll be there in an hour". But the hour becomes two or three. And then you're in the studio chair, and it's your name they are calling and... "What was it I needed to say?" Don't risk messing up. Call TheCommsDoctor (dot com).


There's a time to live and a time to ...

Don't die on the air. Prepare. Rehearse. Deliver.

There's never enough time, however long the interview. You could have explained that better; argued back with more belief. "If only I could have cited that case study..." Setting aside just a few moments can help you top up your communications talents so you hit all the right notes, right on cue, right on time. With confidence. Confidence that only comes when you are in tip top health - after a check up with TheCommsDoctor (dot com).


Using your own webcam, iPad or laptop?

Take a few minutes to create a set up that won't distract from what you are saying!

The Up-The-Nose shot

Bring the camera up, place on books, or a box, so you are shooting horizontally.

Sort the lighting out!

Light your face, as well as the room. Don't sit with a window behind you!

Don't show us the ceiling!

Again - lift the camera higher, so you are shooting horizontally.

Look to your left!

Don't talk to the scren, talk to us - look at the (tiny) camera!

Beautifully done!

Natural light on the side of the face, non-distracting background, Nice!

Great audio matters!

Don't rely on laptop or iPad audio, invest in a separate mic.


Private. Bespoke. Confidential.

Top up your media and presentation skills, when you want, where you want with
TheCommsDoctor (dot com).

Get in touch by email: Martin at thecommsdoctor dot com. Or click on any of the contact points below...